We are open to you.

COVID-19 hit everyone hard and we know you want to go out and do something in such a hard time. But while we can’t tell you what to do, we have things for you to make your stay at home so much better. Check out our chocolate selection that makes you want to stay home and eat them all. And when you go out to do your shopping, you need to wash your hands afterwards. We have goat milk soap that help against COVID-19 and will protect your skin at the same time. What can be better than that?

We always have great chocolate for you here at the Store.

Soap is the best way to protect against COVID-19. Just wash your hands with our soap.

While you can’t roam out store, we are here for you with pictures and videos and will start posting more of them whenever we have time.
This will be out new online shop that makes it possible for you to shop from home while we will ship or deliver the product to your front door.

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